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Aruba 800 Mobility Controller Intermittently Freezes

I have an 800 Mobility Controller that intermittantly freezes. There are 3 AP-125 connected using PoE. When the 800 freezes, the left bank of ethernet LEDs are lit solid and the right bank are faintly flashing and the web interface is not accessible. Cycling power is the only way to recover access.


After the first freeze, I disconnected one of the AP-125 and swapped another. A few days later, it froze again. I have alternated access points and currently operating a single AP-105 and the 800 still freezes.


Running with everything default configuration except a single AAA profile setup to define the SSID with WPA2. The Access Points had thier memory cleared using console and provisioned with a default profile except each AP recived a unique name. The APs have been connected to various front-panel thernet jacks on the front of the 800.


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Re: Aruba 800 Mobility Controller Intermittently Freezes

Unfortunately, the hardware and the software is old, so it could really be anything.  You can upgrade to to see if it fixes it, or if you have support on that hardware, see if they will RMA it.


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Re: Aruba 800 Mobility Controller Intermittently Freezes

That’s disappointing. I replaced the prior system with Aruba, based on reputation of reliably. This particular 800 is nearly pristine (no scratches, etc), spending its prior life in an environmentally-controlled rack. There’s not even dust accumulation anywhere to be found. It’s not under service so I can’t update the firmware or RMA the unit. Trash dumpster? (actually, a recycle bin?)

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Re: Aruba 800 Mobility Controller Intermittently Freezes

The 800 is over 3 generations old and hasn't been sold for 5 years. Did you just purchase this controller recently? 

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Re: Aruba 800 Mobility Controller Intermittently Freezes

The 800 controller went end of sale Jan 2010 with end of support in Jan 2015 (http://www.arubanetworks.com/support-services/end-of-life/#MobilityControllers) so there will be no replacement.


That controller is nearly a decade old, which in networking gear parlance is ancient. Since it was likely purchased outside of the normal channel (either ebay or some reseller that pulled it from an upgrade and sold on the grey market), Aruba cannot guarantee or cover is provenence (it could have suffered a power surge, could have been dropped, could have been any number of things that contributed to it having hardware issues 8+ years after it's manufacture. As such, when buying older hardware, that is the risk.


You can try upgrading the software, but otherwise, I would suggest you contact seller you purchased it from for a refund, or reach out to an Aruba partner for an upgrade and see if they can do a trade in. Good luck

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