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Aruba Beacon Interval and Power

I am currently testing the Aruba Beacons and I need the TX Power and the Broadcasting Interval of the Beacons for my application, but I could not find this information in any kind of datasheet or help page.


Does anyone know these specifications or where could I look for them?


I am using the beacons in the Location mode.

Re: Aruba Beacon Interval and Power



The datasheet is available here: http://www.arubanetworks.com/products/mobile-engagement/aruba-beacons/

From there, you can see that the beacons chirp at 0 dBm (in location mode, proximity is configurable).


The battery-powered Beacon chirp interval is 500ms long. USB Beacon chirp interval is 100ms long.

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Re: Aruba Beacon Interval and Power



In location beacon we can not change the tranmist power level it is fixed. It is hardcored to power level 14 from beacons v.1.8.0 onwards.




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