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Aruba Guest VLAN and websense

Hello, We have an Aruba 3200 controller setup with Vlan 100 for guest access via cpative portal.  Aruba controller is providing the dhcp pool for this vlan ( - the aruba controller has a real ip address of and the gateway for vlan 100 is


the controller has a default gateway of which is our cisco 3550 switch.  On the switch is ip route is our pix firewall.

Websense is working for all 10.x.x.x traffic, but i never see any 192.168.100.x traffic come to the firewall.  Is the traffic on vlan100 coming in as the ip of the aruba controller?


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Re: Aruba Guest VLAN and websense

If you have "ip nat inside" on VLAN 100, yes.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Aruba Guest VLAN and websense

Thanks.  The traffic is going to websense as


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