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Aruba IAP 207 Airgroup servers segregation based on SSID

4 IAP 207 running OS in a network. Configured 4 SSID's and enabled airgroup->Bonjour->Airprint. The problem users face is they see all the printers wired/wireless from the entire network which makes confusion giving print from their mobile devices. What I want to do is when a user connects to SSID 1 he should be able to see only printers connected to SSID 1 and SSID 2 users should see only printers connected to SSID 2 ..........and printers to connected wired should not be listed. The current setting Disallow role/VLAN is not helpful bcos in all 4 ssid i want the service to be accessible and VLAN I've VLAN 1 for wired where most of the printers are connected which I don't to list and VLAN 10 for all 4 SSID which list all airgroup printers connected to wireless. Auto associate setting is missing in IAP virtual controller which I think would address my issue.

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