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Aruba OS versions and time stamps

Looking at Aruba OS versions in the downloads area and noticed that some Aruba OS versions ( for example) had an older time stamp (2015) compared to my current OS version's ( time stamp of 2/2017. Can anyone shed some light on why there would be such a significant difference in time stamps? Based on the version it would seem like 6.4.3 was a newer rev of Aruba OS., but obviously the difference in time stamps has stumped me. Thanks

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Re: Aruba OS versions and time stamps

6.4.2.x and 6.4.3.x are different "trains" of code, so 6.4.2.x does not automatically mean that it is older than 6.4.3.x.  They are not tied together in that way and are each released on their own independent schedule.

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Re: Aruba OS versions and time stamps

Well that seems a bit confusing. I want to keep our controllers as up to date and on the most stable code version possible. We recently upgraded to Im glad I asked this question, because during our next upgrade window, I probably would have went  to 6.4.3. What version would you recommend upgrading to from my current code rev? Or would it be wise to just stick with the code were on for now?


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