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Aruba Support Registration Problem

Hi guys,


I am trying to register for support, for access to tech docs and firmware etc, however, i had an email back from a very helpful representative saying that i have to have a company email address and not a generic one.


Considering i am a home user and I  only have a generic email address, the rep was not able to proceed and directed me to the HP main website as that is where i purchased it (through a reseller).


The probelm is, all that does is redirect me back here so im going around in circles.


Could any of you guys look into this for me?


Or, should i not worry too much and just use the (very helpful!) forums?







Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

Unfortunately, we cannot register support accounts to domains like yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc. I am not sure of a viable workaround, maybe some other users on the forums have an option. 

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

Ok fair enough.


Just out of interest, what is the email address used for?


Is it just for registration of the product?



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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

ok, well i have managed to register with a non generic email so we'll see what happens.

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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem



You can register with an email, but to get  IAP firmware downloads outside of GA code you need a support contract, unfortunately.  The document here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/assets/ds/DS_arubacare.pdf details warranty support vs. an ArubaCare support contract.

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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

Hmmm ok thanks.


So, as i have registered, what benefits would i see?


And could you tell me what GA code is?


Not sure i could even really afford the standard care package, especially after the purchase cost.


Great product though.





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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

You will have the option for software download.


GA = General Availability OS images. GA releases are targeted for large scale production networks.


Before Account:

Not loged in.PNG



logged in.PNG


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Re: Aruba Support Registration Problem

Ok great, thanks Jamie.


Looks like i might be in for another AP now!





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