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Aruba wireless connected but not authenticated


We recently installed a second AD into our network which included an Aruba wireless controller and a radius server. The primary AD was removed from the environment leaving the second AD as the only AD. The new AD was entered on the Aruba Controller as the new LDAP Server and DNS Server. However, now client machines can connect to the wireless network but shows "unauthenticated". Users can still browse the Internet but cannot access Outlook, owa or network files when on the wireless network on their client PCs. However, other devices such as ipads and phones can connect and get the e-mails. When I do an nslookup of the owa site when on the wireless it intermittently returns the DNS server name (the new AD) and IP of the DNS server but other times it gives the IP but says Server: Unknown. Any suggestions on what is going on?




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Re: Aruba wireless connected but not authenticated

Who installed the Aruba system?  You might want to ask them how they integrated the first AD server.  There are quite a few steps that might have been missed.


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Re: Aruba wireless connected but not authenticated

Thanks for the feedback cjoseph. Unfortunately the Aruba was setup by a previous Network Administrator and no one knows what was done. Can you advise on the various ways AD can be integrated with the radius and i could use that as a guide.




Re: Aruba wireless connected but not authenticated


it is better to use , which is compatible with 802.1X

(you find attcahed a step by step configuration document)

when donne you can test that the authentification is correctly working  (Disagnostic/ AAA test Server)


AAA server Test.png



Then you add the Server to the selected AAA profile.

i hope that will be informetive for you

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