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Auth Type: "Authenticated by Device" means what ?

I'm used to seeing "Radius Accounting" in the Auth Type column in Airwave on our setup.  


Now however I have some devices showing up with "Authenticated by Device".  That phrase doesn't show up as valid Auth Type in the Users guide, so I'm not sure what it actually means.  The devices so far that have tickled this appear to be iPhones, but the sample size is small, so that may just be coincidence.


Anyone know how to interpret the phrase "Authenticated by Device" as an Auth Type?






Re: Auth Type: "Authenticated by Device" means what ?

Are these PSK networks by chance?    Typically I'll see EAP for for 802.1x networks or "Authenticated by Device" for PSK networks.

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Re: Auth Type: "Authenticated by Device" means what ?

Oddly, the SSID attached to is EAP-TLS authenticated and the Cipher correctly says AES.



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