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BW contract Test

Hi Airheads,


How can i test the bandwidth contract? Because i try testing downlading a big file with a role that has a bandwidht contract configurated and does not work because i downloaded the file with a major bandwith that it is allowed. I tried using a speedtest and occurs the same. I'm working in the AOS 6.3 in a 3400 Aruba controller. Thanks in advance.

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Re: BW contract Test

Is your user in the role that has the bandwidth contract?  You can test it by using the "aaa user add" command.  Here is how:


- Create a role with a bandwidth contract

- Do a regular speedtest

- Switch your user to the role with the bandwidth contract by doing a "aaa user add <your ip address> role <the role with the bandwidth contract>"

- Repeat the speedtest to see the difference.


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