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Block Ack / Delete Block Ack Loop & Performance Degradation

Hi folks,


I had an issue yesterday that I figured I'd run by the community before opening a TAC case. I got a report of poor performance at a particular location in a building. After arriving, I narrowed it down to a specific 5Ghz radio on Ch. 116. I took a packet capture and found an Intel device in what I could only describe as an endless loop with the radio sending a Block ACK Request and the client replying with a Delete Block ACK 802.11k action frame. This repeated over and over and made the radio essentially unusable (I couldn't even get an ARP reply from the default gateway). From a metrics perspective, everything looked good. Channel utilization, SNR, client health, etc was all within acceptable levels. I eventually pinned it to an HP laptop sitting idlely on a user's desk (he was on vacation). Toggling off wifi on the laptop resolved the issue.


Anyone seen something like this before? Packet capture attached (rename file extension to .pcap).

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Re: Block Ack / Delete Block Ack Loop & Performance Degradation

Turn off 802.11k or enable Quiet IE in your 802.11k configuration.

Colin Joseph
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