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Block torrent

Hi Forum,


I want to block torrent and facebook in my network. Please tell me that how can I block them, torrent changes its ports/IPs randomly & facebook also has much IPs to access. Is there any way to block torrent & facebook.

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Re: Block torrent

We cannot specifically block torrent traffic at this time.


There is a way that you can create a named ACL *.facebook.com and block traffic to that, but that is no guarantee facebook uses other URLs for data.  You would need a content filter for that.


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Re: Block torrent

We had a problem with students using torrents on our school wireless network. We actually recieved notification that someone was pirating movies from our wireless network. I discovered then that we couldn't block torrents due to its rotating random ports.


After a little research I found out that most (not all) torrent programs reach out and touch on a set of default ports first before they started to rotate to other random ports. Said ports are tcp 6881-6889. So I created a policy that blocked those ports and then black listed the device.


It wasn't a perfect solution and I did "catch" a few legit users but for the most part it did the trick as black listed users had to come to IT services department to get taken off the list.


I hope this can help you!!

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