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Calculating Unique Clients/Users Per Day

Hi community members,


i want to calculate unique users that are connected to my wifi in a particular day.


right now i am using script that calculate leases from dhcp server and i run this script at the end of the day. i have lease time of 12 hrs. so i dont miss any lease.



now i have this Juniper controler tha is connected to Airwave and when i run reports on this controller i get unique clients but the number didnt match.


the unique clients do not match the number of leases from dhcp.


the number on dhcp leases are always higher that from airwave report. i dont know why and how and thats why i am sharing this question with you guys. 


if any one have some thoughts about this kindly share...

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Re: Calculating Unique Clients/Users Per Day



Are you running the Airwave report and counting unique devices in the same timeframe?  Airwave reports when the user is connected, at the beginning of the interval, even if the user got an ip address hours before.  It will always be different if you are counting the leases.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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