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Can an AP be associated to RF Protect only?

Senerio- (Aruba hardware is very new to me)


Controller with 24 AP licences, and 24 RF protect Licenses

32 access points on the system in a temporary high density location.


Can I have the 8 AP's above the 24 license limit, assoicate with RF protect only to listening for rouge AP's or DoS attacks? I'm not talking about listening for little tiny mifi's poping up in the area, but when a MUCH larger wireless network is right on top of me, and I'm afraid they might start thinking that I have a bunch of rouge AP and try to "Contain" me with DoS attacks. I don't expect this to help me prevent an attack, I just need to be able to see it's happening and be able to log it, then sumbit to approiate authorities since this would be a major violation of the Comm act of 1934. 


Back story... I do wireless networking for live events, usually in areas where there is no infrusture, and have been a Ruckus systems guys for a while, but I needed a second system, and the oppunity presented itself for Aruba to be that. I'm worried about an event coming up, because the building owners parent company, has already been sued by the FCC for doing this before. I just dont want my event attendees to have bad service, because the building is upset they aren't getting the revinue.



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Re: Can an AP be associated to RF Protect only?

You cannot. Both licenses must match, or access points will be limited to the lower of the two.

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Re: Can an AP be associated to RF Protect only?

No. Aruba uses 1:1 licensing model. You need an equal number of licenses.

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