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Captive Portal and AAA


I have an issue when trying to choose the AAA inital role. I'm following the guide and it says that you have to select the name of the Captive Portal L3 Authentication that you have created before.

However, I could not find it, the only choices I have are to use the role that are defined in "Security->Access Control".


I thus cannot link my Captive Portal Authentication Profile to my AAA Profile.
I must be missing something...

Thank you for your help.

Re: Captive Portal and AAA

If you go to authentication > layer 3 authentication > captive portal profile

It should be there
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Captive Portal and AAA

You don't assign the Captive Portal profile directly to the AAA profile.


You link the Captive Portal profile to the initial role for your AAA profile.    For example, in the AAA profile, you would select the role you want for "pre-authentication"; for example guest-logon (this is a default role, you may have your own).   Then within the guest-logon role, you choose the Captive Portal profile you want to assign to the role.   Choose it from the drop down, click Change, then click apply at the bottom.



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Re: Captive Portal and AAA

Thank you very much, it's now working perfectly.

Maybe you should have a look at the User Guide which indicates:


Configuring Captive Portal via the WebUI

1.    Navigate to the Configuration > Security > Authentication > L3 Authentication page. Select Captive Portal Authentication Profile.

a.    In the Captive Portal Authentication Profile Instance list, enter the name of the profile (for example, c-portal), then click Add.

b.    Select the captive portal authentication profile you just created.


3.    Select the AAA Profiles tab.


b.    Select the AAA profile you just created.

c.    For Initial Role, select the captive portal authentication profile (for example, c-portal) you created previously.


Or maybe I'm just missunderstanding this part.

Anyway, thanks again !

Have a nice day.


Re: Captive Portal and AAA

I just checked the user guide and see what you mean.  That particular section pertains to configuring captive portal on a controller without PEFNG license (they call it base ArubaOS in the doc).   If you don't have PEFNG licenses, when you create a captive portal profile, it creates an implicit user role the same name as the profile; thus the instructions you see are accurate for that type of configuration (as there would be a role with the same name as the captive portal profile).


The guide has a separate section on creating this setup with PEFNG licenses:


4. Select the AAA Profiles tab.
a. In the AAA Profiles Summary,click Add to add a new profile. Enter the name of the profile (for example, aaa_c-portal), then click Add.
b. Set the Initial role to a role that you will configure with the captive portal authentication profile.
c. Click Apply.

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Re: Captive Portal and AAA

Yes you are right, my bad.

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