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Centralized Licensing

The 6.3 User Guide states the following:


"New licenses can be added to any controller managed by a centralized licensing system, although best practices recommends adding them to the primary licensing server, for easier management and tracking of licenses across a wide network. Licenses can only be deleted from the controller on which the license is installed."


So, in a typical master-local setup with master/master-backup redundancy using VRRP and the master controller acting as the primary licensing server, is there any benefit ("easier management and tracking of licenses across a wide network") to first doing a license transfer of all transferable licenses from the locals to the primary master?





Re: Centralized Licensing


That works

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Engineer @ Integration Partners

Re: Centralized Licensing

I would say leave it as is.  They will all be part of the aggregate pool.  However, if any controllers are being upgraded or replaced, then I would transfer those...

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