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Channel bonding and DFS in Instant

Hi guys,


After implementing a cluster of Instant APs, I can see the following output:


I can see that all the clients connected to the 5GHz band are using channel bonding, since all the 5GHz channels used have the "E" or "+" suffix. Also, DFS channels are being used by default (unlike with controllers), since channels 52+, 100E and 116E are being used.


My first concern is, what happens if a 5GHz client with no support of channel bonding wants to associate to AP Sala7-2P (which is using channel 116E)? Same applies to every AP, since all of them are using channel bonding. Will the AP stop channel bonding and start using 20 MHz channels in the 5GHz band?

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Re: Channel bonding and DFS in Instant

Then the client and AP will only use the primary channel (116E) if the client does not support channel bonding.  When the client associates, it negotiates its capabilities with the access point and that determines how it communicates.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Channel bonding and DFS in Instant

Hi Colin,


Thanks for your explanation. Then will the AP use the primary channel of 116E (which I think is 116) with that client and the 116E channel (which I think is 116-128) for the clients which support channel bonding? Is that correct?

One clarification about channel bonding, does the E suffix mean 4 subsequent channels making 80 MHz (for example, 116E would be 116, 120, 124 and 128) and the + suffix mean one subsequent channel making 40 MHz (for example, 52+ would be 52 and 56)?

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