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Chromecast Can't connect with Wi-Fi system



details of my aruba system as below :

Controller - 3400 and working with firmware

AP - 68


The Chromecast fails to join the network ,I have tried it on many network ,even on hotels and this provlem never happende to me before.I attach the error notification I got frome the chromecast as picture.






- I found some information frome this website  about problem with chromecast that It seem support with AOS 6.4.x , but I would like to know if I still use AOS , Have  any way to make it to wok with my Wi-Fi System ? or impossible ?   


- the AOS 6.4.x ,Is not support AP68 Right ? ...Why not ?



Thanks you all so much.


from Network Engineer in Thailand ^^//






Re: Chromecast Can't connect with Wi-Fi system

The AP-68 doesn't currently have a last supported release of AOS so it appears it should work. http://www.arubanetworks.com/support-services/end-of-life-products/.

Yes you will need to upgrade to AOS 6.4 for ChromeCast to be properly discoverable in most situations. I'm not sure exactly why it won't join with the information given, but sometimes a code upgrade can help with the newer devices.
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Re: Chromecast Can't connect with Wi-Fi system

Thanks tsd25108 , I already read a link that you give me , I'm not sure the meaning of "TBD" , Can you tell me please ?

Re: Chromecast Can't connect with Wi-Fi system

To be determined. Usually means they've yet to give a final code release. If they haven't done that then it means it's still currently supported. You can also check the 6.4.1 release notes I believe to be sure. You can get them from the support site.
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Re: Chromecast Can't connect with Wi-Fi system

Legacy, or non-802.11n, APs are not supported from 6.4 onwards, so the ap68 is fine.  

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