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Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

Both  Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers  supports 6000 access point

will Aruba have Controller more then the 7200 ? because at the project having 5000 AP customer  sees Cisco as More doable option as they support 6000 AP in Single Controller 

Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

I'm not sure I agree with the logic here. And I'm not even Cisco bashing! I'm completely agnostic, as long as kit does what it supposed to do, all good.


Let's focus on the point you raise. For me...


An 8500 connects at 20Gbit to my understanding. 20000/6000=3.3Mbps per AP. Not great is it with futures in mind?


Have 6000 APs dependant on 1x8500 or even a HA pair? Doesn't sound very risk averse does it? Not sure I'd want that.


Comparing Aruba and Cisco is a very unbalanced view. Especially when only considering this factor.


We could compare the products all day long. Fundamentally, if you're a partner you either need to strategically align with a vendor, or let them choose and then support them in my mind. Simple as that.


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Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

Im agree with Ranking


You actually cannot compare both devices, ArubaController just does a way more than the Cisco controller

Remenber that the Aruba controller got build in Firewall, build in IPS/IDS and so on.

Cisco WLAN controller dont have anything of that... they sell that in another box as far i know...

This is the reason of why the Aruba controller does support less APs.


Have you told your client everything you can do with aruba controller? what you can do with Firewall licnese? IPS/IDS ?

I want to see Cisco quoting all t he boxes toguether to see how much the budget goes to the sky, just to try doing what the aruba controller can do alone.


Bealive me you just need to see what are your clients needs, or create those needs to them.  We have won agaings cisco many times to clients that just got cisco everywhere... now they got cisco Everywhere but Aruba on wifi. :)


 It would be nice if some of the users here with big networks with more than 4k aps can tell you their expirience with aruba it could help though... like Ryan, i think the university he works for, got like 6k APs



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Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

Good points from Nightshade.


In previous pre-sales exercises, what I've done is a commercial exercise where you model a Cisco controller, against an Aruba of equivilent power with only AP licenses. This is as fair a tech balance as you can get to. And it's still a bit "apples vs. oranges".


From memory (was a while ago) the Aruba generally comes in a bit cheaper on capacity alone. Especially when you start looking at Cisco support pricing!


Cisco is fine as a WiFi switch and that's it. I'm not a massive fan of the software engineering as it's a pain to troubleshoot.

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Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

can you please share if you have any comparison sheet with you it will be very helpful for us to pitch Aruba as compared to CISCO
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Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

I'm sure one of the Aruba guys will post some up to date competitive collateral.

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Re: Cisco 7500 & 8500 Controllers

We have but thats confidential information for partners and aruba...

IF you are a aruba partner you can ask your SE for this documents, he will be glad to share them to you




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