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Cisco IP Phone through AP-205H

Has anybody ever set-up a Cisco IP phone to work through one of the Ethernet ports on an AP-205H??

We have an education customer who would like to install AP-205H in all rooms in the halls but each room only has a single cable and running more cables is not an option. Currently this single cable is used to connect to a Cisco IP phone and the user plugs their device in to the phone.

If we install AP-205H's can the IP phone be connected to the PoE out port (presumably in bridge mode with the port set-up as a trunk) and it function as it does now?



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Re: Cisco IP Phone through AP-205H

This can be done, but the AP205H must have an 802.3at switch powering it to be able to power the phone up to 10 watts if you only have a single cable:



Screenshot 2016-04-23 at 05.20.29.png

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