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ClearPass VA sizing

New Aruba customer here.  Looking to deploy ClearPass on vSphere 6.5.  According to my environment (up to 5,000 devices) these are my system requirements/recommendations. 


All seems well, but 1TB of storage?  Never have I seen a VA ask for 1TB of storage.  What in the world could this product actually be storing?  And what is actual data consumption look like in a production environment of a similar size.



-8 Virtual CPU

-Disk space:

            -500 GB for existing deployments

            -1000 GB recommended for new deployments


-2 GB virtual switched ports

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Re: ClearPass VA sizing

Logs, logs and more logs.  


ClearPass is a hog - it will use a lot of CPU and disk.  We have 9000 simultaneous clients on peak days on the 25k appliance.


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