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Client Match, 802.11k, and 802.11v



Today I encountered this article which states the following:


"ClientMatch leverages industry standards to accomplish its monitoring and control functions, including the 802.11k and the 802.11v standards. As a result, IT is assured of interoperability with no additional overhead."


Earlier this week, I wrote a separate forum post (here) in regards to 802.11k and other "client assisting" roaming protocols. Unfortunately, in my research, I found that there are clients out there that don't support 802.11k and these other protocols, and may actually have more trouble if those features are enabled.


The first article I linked to is the first time I've encountered any mention of a relationship between 802.11k, 802.11v, and ClientMatch. Previously, I've only heard that a forceful DEAUTH is used by ClientMatch to move clients off an AP.


There is no mention in the User Guide of exactly how ClientMatch accomplishes its tasks. It seems to me that these features are configured independently and operate independently.


Can anyone with inside information please shed light on whether there actually is interaction between 802.11k, 802.11v, and ClientMatch? If so, how does that relationship work? If there is a relationship, that means there could be a driver dependancy on using ClientMatch, which is not how ClientMatch is marketed.


Thanks a lot,


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Re: Client Match, 802.11k, and 802.11v

Hello Tim

I wrote an overview about roaming a while ago.


Read it and it migh asnwer some of your question

I hope it helps you






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Re: Client Match, 802.11k, and 802.11v


I can tell you for a fact that ClientMatch does not require 11k/11v, because we use it in production

and can see the steering events/etc.  Everything I've seen states 11k/v/r will be used if it is enabled and the client supports it, but if not, deauths are used.







Re: Client Match, 802.11k, and 802.11v

Also here is a explanaiton of how clientmatch works which a read a while ago.  I had it on my favorites :)




Here is a indeep explanation of how clientmatch works







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Alternetworks Corp
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