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Configuring local controller

Currently, we are using a master-standby deployment.  We are about to deploy Aruba AP's at one of our other offsite buildings and will be using a local-local controller deployment there.  The offsite facility will have the same WLAN's as our main facility, but different VLAN's.  Since this is my first attempt to configure a local controller, I want to make sure I understand everything correctly.


1) Configure the network and VLAN's on the local controller then point it to the Master controller.

2) I know I will need to create a new AP Group on the Master and tell the AP's to terminate to the local controller in the AP Profile's LMS IP.  When setting up the AP Group, can I use the same VAP profiles and just add the new VLAN to it or will I need to create new VAP profiles for the new group?


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Configuring local controller

You can use NAME VLANs:
Thank you

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