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Controller 7420 rebooted

One of out local controllers (7420) rebooted on it's own. The show boot history showed the following?


Reboot Cause: Datapath timeout (SOS Assert) (Intent:cause:register 54:86:50:2)


Any ideas on this one?



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Re: Controller 7420 rebooted

This is what I found but we are running so I guess the bug is still around..

Symptom: The datapath process in a controller crashed and the controller rebooted unexpectedly. The log file for the event listed the reason as Datapath timeout (SOS Assert) (Intent:cause:register 54:86:50:2). The fix ensures that the controller does not reboot due to a datapath timeout.

Scenario: This issue occurred under the following circumstances:
l WhentheARPentryforanIPaddressagedoutorforcefullydeleted

while traffic was running.
l Whenjumboprocessingwasenabledandthecontrollerreceiveda

management multi-buffer IP frame.
This issue was observed in controllers running ArubaOS


All platforms



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Re: Controller 7420 rebooted

Please open a race case, so we can capture the details of your issue.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Controller 7420 rebooted

Thanks Colin.. just opened one..


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