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Controller Vs Instant in a Hotel

Hello All


Under what situation would i use a Controller based solution for a Hotel.

Typically i use Instant APs regardless of size with various clusters.

I am just looking for some use cases or ideas where a Controller is a MUST have.



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Re: Controller Vs Instant in a Hotel



It depends on model you have and number of APs. You can use IAP in cluster if the model has more efficient (CPU, Memory) to handle.

For controller, first is performance to handle and easily to view status. Second, guest ticket can be created on the controller and support more than IAP (Internal database). You can do guest on wired also.

Thank you,
Ratchapas S.
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Re: Controller Vs Instant in a Hotel

My opinion,


For physical controller based deployment, captive portal have more control over captive portal features, management of guest passes, management of policies with regards to ticket validity, device permitted and even policy enforcement rules.
To achieve better control and accountability on the wireless network



Ultimately the add on features of LIC-PEF and LIC-RFP are good to have and not a must have for wireless deployment.

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Re: Controller Vs Instant in a Hotel

Thank you all for your response.

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