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Controllers in Master/Slave mode with different AOS version



   Not sure whether anyone asked before but i can't find any related thread on the issues im facing.


   Right now im having a 2400 (AOS 3.X) and 3400 (AOS 6.X) controller.

   Both are independent controller and having same configuration in both OS. I wish to make the 3400 controller as a Master controller and the 2400 as slave.

   Just before i going to do that, i wonder is it possible to do so? My understanding is that since both different OS having same configuration got no issues. Is it possible to do a Master/Slave mode without touching the AOS?


   Can someone englighten me please? :)


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Re: Controllers in Master/Slave mode with different AOS version

That will not work.  The messaging between controllers and between controllers and APs are different.  This will lead to very unpredictable results.



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