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DNIS-based authorization



One of our customer has some instant APs with 2 SSIDs, Corporate and Guest. They want to authenticate both WLANs using different user groups in the same ACS 4.2 server. When using Cisco APs or controllers, the SSID is sent as part of the Called-station-id (or DNIS) field. Do any of you guys know if this works in the same way for Aruba IAPs?


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Re: DNIS-based authorization

I am not sure about IAP, but on the controller based APs, you can have a separate AAA profile for each SSID, then send the name of the SSID in the NAS-ID.  Aruba doesnt send the SSID name.  Once you get the NAS-ID, you can make the decision in the RADIUS server on which group you use to auth users.


Someone more familiar with IAP can comment on whether NAS-ID is an option

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Re: DNIS-based authorization

To confirm Olin's thoughts, the NAS Identifier option is available on the Radius server setting on an IAP.

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