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Datapath Bridge Table



I would like to know in the following example, the meaning of different destinations  and especially the last. 


show datapath bridge

Datapath Bridge Table Entries

Flags: P - Permanent, D - Deny, R - Route, M - Mobile, X - Xsec, A - Auth

MAC VLAN Assigned VLAN Destination Flags
----------------- ---- ------------- ----------- -----
88:30:8A:55:20:11 1103 1103 tunnel 688
                                             1103 tunnel 688

5C:26:0A:61:E1:23 1103 1103 0/0
                                             1103 0/0
EC:55:F9:0E:37:82 1103 1103 vlan 1103
                                              1103 vlan 1103


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Re: Datapath Bridge Table

Those are the VLAN interfaces that those devices can be found on.


The tunnel destinations are if mac addresses are found on access points.  You can type "show datapath tunnel table" to see what tunnels go to what access points.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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