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Detail about connected users on dashboard are gone

Hi. Something strange happend to my controller in last days. Detaila about connected users displayed on dashboard are missing. I can see only MAC addresses. Detail about assigned role and device type are also gone. Surprisingly user detail are visible in Monitoring tab - Clients table. CLI also show users with details.

That is not enought. I have WLAN where users are bridged to appropriate VLAN depending on their department. Department number is provided by RADIUS server as a attribute value pair and by server rule assigns VLAN. This setup worked for 3 years but suddenly users are not able to connect to the WLAN. I debbuged RADIUS, controller and everything looks normal. Nothing suspicious can be found in log.

I'm not sure, but these two problems appeared at the same time. So I think that they are somehow related.


I tried to reboot controller, upgrade AOS. But no luck.


Please, see attached screens. Any idea what's wrong ?


Thanks. Martin


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Re: Detail about connected users on dashboard are gone

You should open a tac case in parallel to this post. It is very hard to say based on what you posted what is happening.
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