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Devices not connected to the nearest AP

Hi, I have three IAP-225s all of them are on the following setttings:


Our AP is set up in a triangle formation in our office. The top being the furthest and the bottom two of the "triangle" are in a good range to each other.


The problem I am facing is that, there are devices that are at the bottom connected to the furthest and vice versa. There is a total of 31 or more devices connected at one time. The one at the furthest is only doing 5 connections but its connected to the devices that are closest to the bottom. The furthest AP has around 11 clients but they are connected to the bottom APs.


I don't understand why the bottom users are not connected to the bottom and the ones at the furthest not connected to the furthest. How does the load balancing work? Or is devices locked on to an AP based on their first login and thereafter they are not dropped out and connected to the nearest AP?


Can someone give me some insights on how to go about optimising the APs? So that the load balance is even out. Right now its something like this:


Bottom 1: 10 users

Furthest: 3-5 users

Bottom 2: 10-13 users


Looking forward to your replies. Thank you.

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Re: Devices not connected to the nearest AP

That is because the power on the access point is too high by default. Clients are not going to move from an access point where the power is still good enough.

If all of the access points are within earshot in a small area, I would make the min transmit power 9 and the max transmit power 15. I would also make the wide channel band only 5ghz, because the 2.4 GHz band should not have wide channels.
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