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Distinct Captive Portal

I'm setting up a W-6000 (1 x M3) with 60 APs.

How many distinct captive portals can be supported? Does it limit by number of devices?  

Re: Distinct Captive Portal



Sorry I didn't understand your question,can u please try to explain a deep further what are you trying to achieve.

(In order to assist u , I must understand what are u trying to ask)


have a great day.


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Re: Distinct Captive Portal

Theoretically it is unlimited to configure, but you will be constrained by how much memory the html and pictures consume in each Captive Portal page...


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Re: Distinct Captive Portal

Thx all for the help.

I'm trying to understand if there is a limit on the number of captive portal that I can configure on a single M3 controller.

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