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Dual DHCP Leases?

Hello All,


I have a group of medical devices that obtain a user role on a PSK SSID that assigns them to a VLAN based on MAC OUI.  I notcied in the logs upon connection that the devices get a DHCP address on the default VLAN and then grab another DHCP address on their appropriate VLAN.  I can see why this could occur on a wireless network but in anyone's experience, is this the expected behavior?  


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Dual DHCP Leases?



What method are you using to move the device to a different VLAN, a user derivation rule?

You should enable debugging on a client to see what VLAN it ends up in and for how long:


config t

logging level debug user-debug <mac address of user>



When you have connected the device, you should type "show log user-debug all" to see if you see what VLAN(s) your client ends up in...


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Re: Dual DHCP Leases?



Thanks for your reply.  That's what I have done (I was debugging the device for another issue when I noticed this).  I am using a user derivation rule and it does end up on the correct VLAN.  I'm attaching a log which will hopeful clarify what I am experiencing.

Re: Dual DHCP Leases?

Is that a vlan-derivation rule you have?


I would expect to see that behaviour if it was a dhcp fingerprint rule, but not for a normal vlan-derivation.


Have you tried a role derivation rule, but in the role you specify the vlan?

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