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EDCA profile duplication

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What is the difference between WMM EDCA profiles in SSID and AP:

any of them require PEF ?


 Also, if I enabled a feature like 802.1k or h or e while the station does not support it, will this make a problem for my users or they will just ignore it and work freely.


HA Discovery on-association is a feature in VAP profile, if it isnot enabled does this mean no roaming service is available also is this feature associate with VLAN roaming or mobile IP roaming or both or neither ?

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Re: EDCA profile duplication

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The the default  EDCA profiles do not require PEF.  (edit) Creating custom profiles do require PEF.  A very technical explanation of EDCA is here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11e-2005


Some devices do not like seeing traffic with 802.11k extensions so unfortunately, you might need to test with every client you might encounter.  Most devices do not fully support the 802.11k capability, anyway, you might not get any benefit turning it on systemwide.


HA Discovery on association is mainly for Mobility, or Roaming between APs on different controllers.  A much better explanation is in the ArubaOS 6.1 user guide.


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