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Epson printer

We are having problems connecting to our Epson projectors on our network.


They are connecting to our wireless, but the easymp utility cannot connect/find the projectors. We cannot ping those computers


Last year under a slightly different profile design, we were able to connect but this year we cannot... actually we can connect to one model, but none of the older models. For example a powerlite 1705c does not connect.


Has any experienced similiar issues?

Re: Epson printer

do you know what protocol the program uses to find the printers on the network?

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Re: Epson printer

Excellent question...

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Epson printer

Sadly no.

Re: Epson printer

you could give wireshark a try, though with wireless that might be tricky. still worth the effort, specially with the device that does work.

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Re: Epson printer

Disabling broadcast control for the IAP network made this work for us, but we did not leave it that way (poor practice!).   My packet capture (from 2016) did not show any multicast used for discovery, only broadcast.   So, customer is stuck with having to enter the projector IP address manually into EasyMP software to begin projection.

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