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Google Home Mini - AirGroup

I had brought this up in another conversation, but figured inquire as all other Chrome devices work correctly - just not the Google Home Mini.


I was just curious if anyone has Airgroup working with their Google Home Mini specifically? Have a TAC Case open concerning the Google Home Mini not showing up as an AirGroup Server (ArubaOS and The Google Home works perfectly, but not the Google Home Mini - reviewing the mDNS packets between the Google Home and Google Home Mini - they look identicial. If I disable "Drop Broadcast and Unknown Multicast" and disable Airgroup - the devices can discover each-other.

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Re: Google Home Mini - AirGroup

Worked with TAC and they escalated to the development team. What's bizarre - on a hunch - went and bought another Google Home Mini (same firmware/software/etc - only difference is a month in the manufacturing date). The second works just fine with Airgroup. That would point to a defective device - however, mDNS works just fine on a home network - as well as on an SSID with multicast enabled and AirGroup DISABLED. What myself and TAC saw in the debug logs for mDNS was periodic cases where the mDNS responses were being discarded.

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