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Gym AP Deployment, Wall Mounted AP105

We have a gym that we need to deploy high density Wi-Fi to pretty quickly (there's coverage there already just not to the extent I would like it to be) and I wanted to consult with the members on this forum whether the below will work.


The Gym is about 120ft x 120ft. My plan is to install 4 Oberon wall mounted onclosures with either AP105 or AP125. AP125 would probably require a much larger enclosure because of the antennas which is why I'm leaning towards the AP105. The enclosures would be in the middle of each of the 4 walls at about 15-20ft high. Would the 4x AP105's, wall mounted, with front facing the gym provide good coverage? I have a good idea of coverage etc of AP105 when ceiling mounted but I'm not sure how well it will work for clients that are ~60 feet max away when wall mounted.


PS. The stands are on 2 sides of the Gym, 2 of the AP's would be mounted slightly above the stands.




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Re: Gym AP Deployment, Wall Mounted AP105

That would be fine.  Please test at that height to get an idea of how the signal would propagate in your specific environment.

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Re: Gym AP Deployment, Wall Mounted AP105

Thank you Colin.

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