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HA AP's not failed back after reboot

We have recently configured HA prior to upgrading to, however, following a recent reboot of our local controler, the APs havent moved back.  Ive checked pre-emption is enabled in HA group.  So, they remain on the master controller.


We have a master/local config, and both controllers are set up in a HA group as dual.  


Certain groups of APs will use the HA-Master AP System settings with the LMS IP of the Master and backup of the local, others use the HA-Local AP System with the IPs flipped.


Only way I have been able to move some over is to swap the AP system HA, then put it back again...


Any suggestions?

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Re: HA AP's not failed back after reboot



I´ve seen similar issues as you, I think it got resolved when I also checked the preemption checkbox in the system profile. There´s one in the HA group configuration and also one on the system profile itself. 



Christoffer Jacobsson | Aranya AB
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Re: HA AP's not failed back after reboot

Both of them are enabled.. I assume in the apsys profile you are referring to the lms preemption?  All bat the APs I forced over are still connected to the master...

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Re: HA AP's not failed back after reboot


Dual dual mode is suggested for master standby setup. For master local, I would suggest going with active standby.
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Re: HA AP's not failed back after reboot

I followed this information:


1:1 Active/Standby Deployment model:

n this model, the controller in active mode supports up to 100% of its rated capacity of APs, while the other controller in standby mode is idle. If the active controller fails, all APs served by the active controller would failover to the standby controller.


As we have the following setup, this is why I configured dual/dual:


Active/Active Deployment model

In this model, two controllers are deployed in dual mode. Controller one acts as standby for the APs served by controller two, and vice-versa. Each controller in this deployment model supports approximately 50% of its total AP capacity, so if one controller fails, all the APs served by that controller would fail over to the other controller , thereby providing high availability redundancy to all APs in the cluster.

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Re: HA AP's not failed back after reboot



Thank you for the response. Is it possible to make the HA as Active - Local and Standby - Master and test?


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