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HA Group - Change Controller IP

Has anyone changed the controller IP of a HA fast-failover group member before?


Would it simply involve:


- Use ap-move to swing all APs to other controller

- On master, issue 'no controller <Old IP> role dual'

- On local, change controller IP address, reboot

- On master, issue 'controller <NewP> role dual

- Update LMS IP in ap system profile, reboot APs

Re: HA Group - Change Controller IP

You don't need to use "ap-move" just unplug the controller from the network that you're going to change IP on and assuming HA is configured correctly the APs will failover.




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Re: HA Group - Change Controller IP

Ended up doing the following:


1) Removing local controller from HA group on local

2) Removing old controller IP from HA group on Master

3) Changing controller IP

4) Adding new controller IP to HA group on Master

5) Adding local controller to HA group on local

6) Updating LMS profile on master


Throughout this whole process not a single AP had to reboot (we did the same for 2 local controllers).

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Re: HA Group - Change Controller IP

So because the controllers are in an HA group, changing the LMS/BKUP-LMS ip doesn't cause a reboot?

Re: HA Group - Change Controller IP

Do you currently have HA configured ?
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: HA Group - Change Controller IP

Yes, I have both locals assigned to an HA group and also have them listed in the ap system profile as LMS/BKUP LMS

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