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How do I configure AP for static channel in AOS 8.2?

I realize there is the "airmatch ap freeze" option, however that only works if the AP is up and online. It also is not part of the config (e.g., see "show configuration...") and therefore is not captured as part of our auditing. In AOS 6.5., we would configure a dot11a|dot11g radio profile with a channel (and tx-power) while having the embedded ARM profile disable assignment. When I do this in AOS 8.2, airmatch overrides that configuration.


A workaround I suppose would be to create a regulatory domain profile with only the single channel I want, but that is a clunky workaround.


Is there a way I can disable airmatch operations for an ap-name (or ap-group for that matter)?

This is time sensitive, so I appreciate the replies. Thanks!

Ryan Holland, ACDX #1 ACMX #1
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