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How to use API and Instant ?

Hello everyone,


I would be really thankfull if someone could give me a starting point of how to use XML APIs with Instant or Aruba OS.

I know I need to add my server into the menus and all this stuff. I've also read this entire document :


I have no experience at all with this stuff and I want to learn. What i'd like to do is to create a web page (HTML or PHP) which will fetch user data from the Virtual controller.

something really basic like :

Username : 
Password :

I still don't know how to integrate the api calls into a web page neither how to connect and send commands to the Virtual Controller.

What i'd like is all the steps required to achieve it from scratch (just an overview) so it would 

be clear to me what i need to study :)

Thanks a lot 


Re: How to use API and Instant ?

start with this


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Re: How to use API and Instant ?

hi Overclock


please also see this:



the documentation for the XML API got a refresh in 6.4.4.x and some better (i.e. working) sample shell scripts were put together to demonstrate the basic function. The c code that has been in the docs is not useful, it's very hard to actually compile too.


As for integrating it to a webpage, that should be the last step, get it working and doing what you need from a shellscript function first is a good starting point.






Re: How to use API and Instant ?

Well thanks a lot jgoff, this document indeed is more up to date and helped me and enlightened me on a couple of points :)

Still had to find out the ArubaXMLDemo.py file, ill add it so other people can have it !

Also had to install pycurl library to python and wasn't able to do it using easy_install or binarie files.
I ended up using ubuntu and it works like a charm :)




Re: How to use API and Instant ?

hi Overclock

glad it was useful. pycurl is unfortunately something that has to be used but shouldn't have given you so much trouble to get running, can you send me an email (my forum username at aruba) to say what went wrong with trying to use easy_install so I can update the demo notes?



Re: How to use API and Instant ?

Ok ! Will send it to you today
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