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IAP-134 With No External Antennas

Simple question.....


I have an IAP-134, but don't have any external antennas for it right now. If I deploy this in a closed office space, what is the expected RF coverage from the AP itself. I have brought it online and it broadcasts the Instant ESSID, so I know it has the ability to broadcast without the antennas, but how far?


Is it similar to a 105's internal radio performance or worse?



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Re: IAP-134 With No External Antennas

You barely get any RF.  Don't count on any.

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Re: IAP-134 With No External Antennas

It's a *very* bad idea to have no antenna's connected, it might damage the radio's over time.


It will give you some coverage because all of the RF-energy is being transfered to the antenna connectors, but don't expect it to go far (I'd say a couple of meters in the same room).

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