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IAP-203H Remote AP Conversion failed

Have anyone the same problem, that an IAP-203H can't open a VPN Tunnel to the Wireless Controller?

Aruba Employee

Re: IAP-203H Remote AP Conversion failed

We would need more specifics in order to offer much help here. Are there any RAPs working on the controller you are using to convert the IAP-203H? Has the 203H been whitelisted with the controller? What version of AOS is the controller currently running?

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
New Contributor

Re: IAP-203H Remote AP Conversion failed

Yes there are other RAPs on the Controller, like some 303H and RAP3‘s... the Controller is running aos
and yes i have whitelisted the 203H before testing. I did this with a second 203h and it is the same issue
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