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IAP 305 and cloudpath


I want to do a demo on a company where they have a cloudpath on cloud, and I am using a IAP305. I used the following:


But It does'nt work!.

Please any idea.

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Re: IAP 305 and cloudpath

Can you please be more specific? What doesn’t work?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: IAP 305 and cloudpath

For this test, I did a splash page on cloudpath, It is enabled.
I want to conect from a smartphone to IAP and recive the splash page, but it doesn't work.

I followed this steps:



1. Click "New" under the Networks on the left-side of the Instant control panel.

2. When you get to step 4 in the wizard, moving the sliding scale on the left-hand side to "Network-based."

3. In the "Access Rules" on the right-hand side, select "New."

4. A popup box will now appear.

5. Under "Rule type," select "Captive Portal"

6. Next, under "Splash Page type," select "External"

7. Under "IP or Hostname," place the address where you've unzipped and installed the Cloudpath instance.

8. Add a "Redirect URL" to your company, school, or business to let the connected user know that they're finished.


About those steps, I can see the IP radius server, but not the shared secret Radius.


Thanks.config 1.bmpconfig 2.jpgconfig 3.jpgconfig 4.jpg

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