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IAP-93 unit support how many clients ?

How many number of users are able to connect to single IAP-93 unit ?


One IAP-93 act as a virtual controller. Now one virtual controller support how many exact number of IAP-93 units ?


Highly oblige if you provide me a information.

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Re: IAP-93 unit support how many clients ?

IAP-93 is only single-band, so you could probably get 30 users that are just doing web traffic on an IAP-93.  You are limited by the medium.  If you have a high-density situation, you should get a dual band access point.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: IAP-93 unit support how many clients ?

I have this in one office and to get users happy it was 15 users only. How many can connect 45 .. how many will complain 45.



I have more issues with the balance system on the Aruba. The clustering of Head IAPs is awful.



I setup 2 untis to handle loads on same SID and no go it unbalances the units. I have to create zones ( different SID for clients per unit)


I hope they figure out the balancing part soon.

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