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IAP site survey mode

Hello guys,


Seems like this method from the url below, is not applied to the firmware of 6.3. The Wi-Fi won't broadcast if there is no uplink cable attached to the AP.




Can someonne here correct me please?






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Re: IAP site survey mode

Sadly I think the IAP, by design, falls back to operating as a mesh device if it does not have an Ethernet link. I occasionally have to do site surveys and Its a real pain not being able to have a completely standalone Instant. All it would take would be a feature added to facilitate this. Maybe someone from Aruba follwing the forum could help facilitate this.

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Re: IAP site survey mode

It can function without the uplink cable with a simple AC adapter.

When you say not applied to firmware 6.3? Are you referring to IAP version 4.0+?
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Re: IAP site survey mode

I had used a loop back cable and it works.

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