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IP Radius NAS

I use to have a master/local topology but now its a master only (standonly) configuration. The ip radius nas-ip is (ex: and ip radius source-interface vlan is (ex: vlan 2) on the master controller. I'm in the lab testing master-standby master configuration which I believe is working fine. My question is should I configure the ip radius nas-ip on the standby-master as ( and the source-interface vlan (vlan 2) ?

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Re: IP Radius NAS

All of those parameters only matter to the radius server that will be doing the authentication.  If you are using nas-ip-address in a rule, it is important.  If it is not, it is not important.  I would leave everything at the defaults, and see what traffic comes into the radius server.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: IP Radius NAS

thanks I try that.

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