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IP sec tunnel issue between master and local controller

if the tunnel between the master and local controller drops due to master controller's unavailability , would that cause the ap which is present at the local controller's location not to join the local controller ?


i have taken some outputs from the local controller, because since master controller is not rechable .


if i can take console of the ap, what commands can we execute on it to check what is the reason of it not to join the local controller ?


(UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT1) #show switches


All Switches


IP Address     Name               Location          Type   Version        Status  Configuration State                Config Sync Time (sec)  Config ID

----------     ----               --------          ----   -------        ------  -------------------                ----------------------  ---------  UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT1  Building1.floor1  local  up      LAST SNAPSHOT(Master Unreachable)  0  



UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT1) #show switchinfo

Hostname is UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT




IKE PSK: Aruba1122

Configuration unchanged since last save

No crash information available.

Reboot Cause: Power Failure.


(UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT1) #show crypto ipsec sa


% No active IPSEC SA





(UNA_USWDCW1_WCNT1) #show master-local stats


Missed -> HB Resp from Master


IP Address     HB Req      HB Resp     Cfg Terminate  Peer Reset  Total Missed  Last Sent Missed  Last Synced/Last Missed

----------     ------      -------     -------------  ----------  ------------  ----------------  -----------------------  0           0           0              3642        36420         36420             Pending/Fri Oct  6 09:08:59 2017


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