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Incompatible SFP, 7200-Series

Hey Guys,


I have one question, maybe you can answer it, i am pretty sure. I wanted to test some SFPs and DACs from Brocade. They didn't work with my 7210 controllers. I know that there is the compatibility list from Aruba.


We are going to buy 4x 10G-Aruba-SFP and 4x 10G-Brocade SFP to connect the Controllers with our Brocade VCS-Fabric..


This was the Message of the controller after checking the transceiver:



Module is SFP/SFP+
Manufacturer        : BROCADE
Part Number         : 58-1000026-01   , rev: A
S/N                 : CAX109520000394
Date Code           : 091224 Lot:
Optional Signals    : LOS, Tx Disable
Supported Modes     : 10GBASE-DAC-A, Copper Pigtail Connector
Wavelength          : 1024 nm
Cablelength         : 1m



Module is SFP/SFP+
Manufacturer        : BROCADE
Part Number         : 57-0000075-01   , rev: A
S/N                 : AAA314133007311
Date Code           : 140403 Lot:
Optional Signals    : LOS, Tx Fault, Tx Disable
Supported Modes     : 10GBASE-SR, LC Connector
Wavelength          : 850 nm


Question: What does the message mean? (I marked it red)






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Re: Incompatible SFP, 7200-Series

Please open a support case as this will be the fastest way to get answer (unless someone here can answer)
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Re: Incompatible SFP, 7200-Series



I'm not entirely sure about the error message, but LOS usually means loss of signal.


I also believe that the TX disable is an indication that the transmitter is turned of, why i don't know. I would guess some kind of incompatibility, obviously :D


Btw, TX means transmit, but i guess you knew that :D


Roar Fossen

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Re: Incompatible SFP, 7200-Series

Generally speaking, unsupported SFPs either work (link and pass traffic) or don't (uni-directional link, errors, doesn't pass traffic). It can be difficult to troubleshoot exactly why one doesn't work.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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