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Independent masters

I was reading the 6.4 UG today about the new HA config and I came across this snippet I hadn't seen before;


The high availability feature supports redundancy models with an active controller pair, or an active/standby
deployment model with one backup controller supporting one or more active controllers. Each of these clusters of
active and backup controllers comprises a high-availability group. All active and standby controllers within a single
high-availability group must be deployed in master-local or independent masters topology. If you use an independent
masters topology requires all independent master controllers to have the same WLAN configuration.


I am wondering what situation it might be useful to have independent masters that are not syncing their configuration? It would seem likely to me that the configs could easily get out of sync, plus they would lose the benefits of having the various databases synced. Can anyone give some more insight into the usefulness of this topology?

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Re: Independent masters

Very few, if any.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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