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Indoor as Outdoor

i want to use an indoor AP ( Ap93 ) in an out door area ,  area is small ( 5*6 Meters ) ....... is there any concerns ?  if i will geta box to protect AP from envirionmental issues ( water , air ....... ) 


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Re: Indoor as Outdoor

If you have a box, it should be:


- Waterproof

- RF transparent

- Temperature controlled

- Resist changes in humidity


This is not an endorsement from Aruba, but a few customers I know have used Oberonwireless successfully:  www.oberonwireless.com



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Re: Indoor as Outdoor

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Good evening,
in Continues to cjoseph post.

-u may also consider use a an AP with external antennas +Cable+LAR+Outdoor antenna and use outdoor antenna.

-and then u don't need any box - deploy the AP inside an indoor/weather-proof environment (Building)


(i have an old deployment like this of AP-60 units!! In -24c environment !! . THE AP units are located above this big cold warehouse in a good weatherproof environment .And only antennas and cables are located in the rough environment.)


have a lovely week.




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