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Instant SSID does not disappear

Hi guys,


When I set up an IAP from scratch, the instant SSID appears, I connect and access the WebUI. When I create other SSIDs, the instant SSID keeps showing and broadcasting and does not disappear. I have read in the Instant user manual that after creating other SSID, the instant SSID should dissapear. In my case, it only disappears and stops broadcasting when I reboot the IAP, is this normal behaviour?




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Re: Instant SSID does not disappear

It actually stops broadcasting when nobody is connected to it. If you create another SSID, the instant SSID will not be torn down until you disconnect from it...

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Instant SSID does not disappear

Hi Colin,


You are right! I have just tested and the instant SSID disappeared. Thanks!


Best regards,


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